Hi, my name is Paul Young and this is my blog about anything that interests me.

I am currently working as a contract real estate photographer and pursuing a career as an Internet Marketer.

I have been involved in the internet since 1994 and have been addicted ever since. Over the years I have been involved in many businesses, none of which has made me rich…yet!

Some of the things I have done include:

  • security system installation company
  • computer sales and repair business
  • internet service provider
  • contract field service technician
  • contract real etstate photographer

I hope to add ‘successful internet marketer’ to this list very soon.

Because of being on the internet so early, I have been lucky enough to have registered one of only 2 single letter ‘.au’ domain names, x.net.au. The other is i.net.au which belongs to an old friend of mine. I even had  optus.com for 10 years, but that is another story :).

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